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1970 EUR. 7 days
Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky Trekking to the volcanoes Maly Semyachik and Karymsky

During this tour You will be able to see two eminent volcanoes. One of them is a very active volcano of Kamchatka - the Karymsky (1536 m). It is a regular cone situated in a caldera in diameter about 5 km, walls from 50 up to 300 m heigh. Coming closer to the volcano from the direction of the Maly Semyachik, from the high crest of the caldera ridge You will see a huge dark mass of a hardened lava flow. It turns round the cone's foot spreading all over the caldera and ends in a high steep.

The other volcano - Maly Semyachik (1560 m) is a short volcanic range with the upper part about 3 km long which consists of three cones poured together. In one of them there is a magnificent crater filled with a bright turquoise lake and its steep walls are composed of multicolored rocks. This unusual hue is amplified with white, yellow and greenish fumarole deposits.

One more sight of the tour is a crater lake Karymskoye located in the caldera of the volcano of the Academy of Sciences. Surrounded by high slopes the lake has a picturesque scenery. From the south there arises the smoking Karymsky volcano. From the opposite side the crest of the volcano of the Academy of Sciences can be seen. On the south bank of Karymskoye lake hot springs can be found.

Day 1: Elizovo - Maly Semyachik Volcano

Helicopter transfer from Paratunka to the foot of the volcano Maly Semyachik. Tent camp setting (Camp 1). Overnight staying - tents.

Day 2: Maly Semyachik Volcano

The ascent of the volcano Maly Semyachik takes about 4 hours. Viewing crater - about 1 hour. The descent - 1-1,5 hours. Overnight staying - tents.

Day 3: Maly Semyachik Volcano

Rest day. May be used as a reserved day in case of bad weather.

Day 4: Maly Semyachik Volcano - Karymsky Volcano

Walking (about 7-8 hours) to the volcanologists base situated at the foot of the volcano Karymsky. The first part of the way is through the beds of dry rivers, where the alder elfin bushes make passing difficult. After steep descending from the caldera «wall» of the volcano «Karymsky» the way is through the lava fields and sharp bends of the volcano’s spurs. Tent camp setting (Camp 2) near the volcanologists' house. Rest at the hot springs situated near the camp. Overnight staying - tents.

Day 5: Karymsky Volcano - Karymskoye Lake

A radial way-out to the Karymskoye lake and to the Academy of Sciences hot springs, which are at the remote bank of the lake. Returning to the Camp 2.

Day 6: Karymsky Volcano

If the Karymsky volcano is not erupting, the ascent is possible. The guide takes the decision on-site. The ascent (about 4 hours) of the volcano is not hard but the difficulty is made by the crumbling volcanic scoria covering the volcano cone. The descent -1,5 hours.

Day 7: Karymsky Volcano - Paratunka

Helicopter transfer from the volcano Karymsky to Paratunka.

1 970 EUR – for one person for group of 6 people

The tour price includes the following expenses:

  • helicopter transfer all over the route;
  • meal;
  • accompanying service and the common camping outfit.

Additional costs relating to transportation, food and accommodation arising from the unforeseen consequence are not included in the cost.

Please note that delivery to the Volcanologists' pass and back is performed by a helicopter and directly depends upon weather conditions. Flight may be delayed for several hours or even several days. That’s why we recommend you to provide several reserve days for the case of non-flying weather or to plan your participation in this tour in the beginning of your journey over Kamchatka

We kindly ask You to take a closer look at the section Important information which describes the peculiarities of travelling through Kamchatka, tour categories and necessary personal equipment.

In addition we inform You that route’s schedule may be modified because of the weather and/or unforeseen consequence. In this case the guide makes modification.

Day Route
(Tour 36)
Type of
Travel time
Altitude (m)
min max
1 Paratunka→Maly Semyachik Volcano helicopter 130 0:40 50 1500
2 Ascent to Maly Semyachik Volcano on foot 12 3-5 780 1560
3 Reserved day - - - - -
4 Maly Semyachik Volcano→Karymsky Volcano on foot 17 7-8 530 920
5 Karymsky Volcano→Karymskoye Lake on foot 15,2 5-7 630 720
6 Ascent to Karymsky Volcano on foot 7,6 4-6  720 1530
7 Karymsky Volcano→Paratunka  helicopter 120 0:35 50 1500
Level of difficulty
Hotels – 0 days
Huts – 0 days
Tents – 6 days
Number of participants
more 6 persons
Ascent to volcanoes
Volcanoes ascension