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3000 EUR. 12 days
Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake Valley of Geysers. Uzon Caldera. Kronotskoye Lake

During this many-day tour you will be offered the unrivalled opportunity to see the most beautiful and unusual places of the Kamchatka peninsula.

The main sight of Kamchatka - the Valley of Geysers is a canyon which has one of the biggest geyser area in the world. It is hidden in a hard access gorge of Kronotsky Reserve. It is unrivalled in beauty, landscape grandeur and number of springs throwing out fountains of hot water and steam. Gushing geysers, raging mud cauldrons, a turquoise lake, hot water and steam jets flowing down the slopes together with the lush greenery of grass and trees create a really fantastic sight.

Not far from the Valley of Geysers there is one more unique and impressive place - Uzon caldera. It is a giant cavity with the dimensions 9×12 km, resulting from destruction of the ancient volcano, having an intensive hydrothermal activity on the bottom. There are a lot of boiling and raging craters, numerous mud cauldrons and small volcanoes, yellow fumaroles areas, steamy grounds where the steam and hot water come out from the earth. The peculiarity of this place is the crater-like holes 25-40 m deep and in diameter 25-150 m, in which hot lakes of odd colours are situated. In the eastern part of the caldera there is one of the biggest in Kamchatka crater formed after a volcanic explosion - in diameter 1, 65 km, filled with the picturesque Dalnee lake.

One more unique natural site of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve is the Valley of Death. The place where dead animals are found quite often - the reason of this phenomenon is a deadly concentration of poisonous gases coming out and accumulating in its low areas. The Valley of Death is situated at the upper reaches of the river Geyzernaya, at the bottom of the volcano Kikhpinych. It is almost 2 kilometers long and 100-300 meters wide.

On the path to the lake Kronotskoye, in an oblong caldera of almost 9 kilometers is based a volcano of unusual structure. It is the Krasheninnikov volcano (1856 m) consisting of two cones grown together. The southern cone is higher and has on its peak a crater in diameter 750 m and about 100 m deep. The northern cone has three cones situated one above the other. The lowest one has a crater in diameter 600 m and out of its center arises the third cone about 50 m high with a small crater on the peak.

The Kronotskoye lake is one of the biggest lakes of the peninsula. It is situated 30 km. northwards from the Valley of Geysers at the bottom of the picturesque volcano Kronotskaya Sopka (3528 m). The lake has a form of an isosceles triangle with its sides about 20 kilometers. It is surrounded by mountains and has numerous rocky islands. You will have a wonderful opportunity to see it with your own eyes in one tour!

Day 1: Elizovo - Valley of Geysers

Helicopter transfer from Elizovo to the Valley of Geysers. Transfer duration (1hr.30 min.), seeing the volcanoes Karymsky which is almost constantly in eruption state, and Maly Semyachik - its spacious crater is filled with the green-blue acid lake. The ecological educational lecture, explaining the behaviour rules on the territory of the preserve. Examination and observing the Valley’s geysers. Overnight staying - house of Kordon «Valley of Geysers».

Day 2: Valley of Geysers -Valley of Death

Radial walk to the Valley of Death. One-way walk (7,5 km) takes about 4 hours and runs through picturesque scenery. Viewing the Valley of Death and its surroundings. Returning to the Valley of Geysers. Overnight staying - house of Kordon «Valley of Geysers».

Day 3: Valley of Geysers - Glukhoy Rivulet

Walking to the base near the rivulet Glukhoy («Deaf»). Walking is not long (12 km.) and lasts about 5 hours. Overnight staying - huts.

Day 4: Glukhoy Rivulet - Uzon Caldera -Dalynee Lake

Walking (about 2 hours) to Uzon caldera. Viewing basic geothermal activity in the caldera. Then walking (about 1 hour) to Dalnee lake. Tent camp setting at the stream. (Camp 3).

Day 5: Lake Dalynee - Hill Duga

Walking (about 5 hours) to the direction of Duga («Arch») hill. Tent camp setting (Camp 4).

Day 6: Hill Duga - Krasheninnikov Volcano

Walking to the caldera of Krasheninnikov volcano is about 8 hours and runs through tough terrain. Tent camp setting (Camp 5).

Day 7: Krasheninnikov Volcano

Observing excursion: the volcano caldera, lava-flows, cones and other consequences of the volcano’s eruption. Returning to the Camp 5. Overnight staying - tents.

Day 8: Krasheninnikov Volcano

Rest day. May be used as a reserved day in case of bad weather.

Day 9: Krasheninnikov Volcano - Kronotskoye Lake

Walking to Kronotskoye lake lasts 6-7 hours along the dry wash of the stream Bystry. Overnight staying - tents near of the cordon Istok, situated on the lake’s bank.

Day 10: Kronotskoye Lake

Boat excursion about the lake. Overnight staying - tents near of the cordon Istok.

Day 11: Kronotskoye Lake

Rest day. May be used as a reserved day in case of bad weather.

Day 12: Kronotskoye Lake - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Depending on the weather returning in city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky either by helicopter or by launch from the Kronotsky bay.

3 000 EUR – for one person for group of 10 people

The tour price includes the following expenses:

  • helicopter transfer to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve and back;
  • the Kronotsky preserve dues for the rendered services (visiting, accompanying, information ensuring, a guide, accommodation);
  • meal;
  • accident medical insurance;
  • accompanying service and the common camping outfit.

Additional costs relating to transportation, food and accommodation arising from the unforeseen consequence are not included in the cost.

Please note that delivery to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve and back is performed by a helicopter and directly depends upon weather conditions. Flight may be delayed for several hours or even several days. That’s why we recommend you to provide several reserve days for the case of non-flying weather or to plan your participation in this tour in the beginning of your journey over Kamchatka

Common outfit and food products are equally distributed among all the participants of the tour including officers of the firm. Weight of common load per person does not exceed 10 kilograms per person.

As the tour’s participants are going to walk through the especially preserved territory they must follow the behavior rules on the reserved territory and safety instructions which will be given to them by the preserve’s keepers and a guide.

We kindly ask You to take a closer look at the section Important information which describes the peculiarities of travelling through Kamchatka, tour categories and necessary personal equipment.

Day Route
(Tour 04)
Type of
Travel time
Altitude (m)
min max
1 ElizovoValley of Geysers helicopter 190 1 50 430
2 Valley of GeysersValley of Death on foot 15 7÷8 430 1040
3 Valley of GeysersRivulet Glukhoy on foot 10,2 5÷6 430 820
4 GlukhoyUzonLake Dalynee on foot 8,5 3÷4 670 720
5 Lake DalyneeDuga Hiill on foot 8,2 4÷6 720 900
6 Duga HiillKrasheninnikov Volcano on foot 15,4 7÷8 900 1000
7 Observing of the Krasheninnikov volcano on foot 6–8 2÷3 1000 1000
8 Rest day - - - 1000 1000
9 Krasheninnikov VolcanoKronotskoye lake on foot 14,5 6÷8 1000 350
10 Excursion on the lake boat 12  1÷2 350 350
11 Rest day - - - 350 350
12 Kronotskoye lakeElizovo helicopter 220 1,5 50 350
Level of difficulty
Hotels – 0 days
Huts – 8 days
Tents – 3 days
Number of participants
more 10 persons
Ascent to volcanoes
Volcanoes ascension