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1900 EUR 5 days
Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake Five-day excursion to the Kurile Lake

The Kurile lake is a unique natural object because the greatest population of brown bear inhabits the area of the lake. Nowadays the total number of the population is 1000 animals. The unique ecosystem of the Kurile lake was formed and is still preserved because of the reproduction of the greatest herds of the valuable Pacific salmon – the red salmon. Every year 3-10 million spawners come to the Kurile lake. This abundance of fish attracts a lot of predators, including bears.

The Kuril Lake has the volcanic origin and is located in southern part of the Kamchatka peninsula on the territory of the South-Kamchatka National Reserve. It is included into the list of UNESCO World-wide heritage. Within its limits you can find all Kamchatka is famous for: various volcanoes, lava areas, places of high geothermal activity, curative mineral springs and powerful pumice deposits.

Day 1: Elizovo – Apachinskie springs

Meeting at the airport of Elizovo. Transfer (about 2 hours) by a cross-country automobile and accommodation at the hotel of Apachinskie springs. Overnight staying – hotel. Meal: -/-/D

Day 2: Apachinskie springs – Pauzhetka

Transfer (about 6-8 hours) to Pauzhetka settlement. On the way, ferry crossing of rivers Bolshaya, Opala and Koshegochek. Tent camp setting (Camp 1). Recreation on the hot springs.
Overnight staying – tents. B/L/D

Day 3: Pauzhetka – Kuril Lake

Transfer (about 30 min) to the Ozernaya river, then walking (12 km) to the Kuril lake. On the way, viewing Кutkh's Boats. Accommodation in a specially tent camp (Camp 2) that is protected by electric fence. Viewing bears and spawning salmon. Overnight staying – tents. B/L/D

Day 4: Kurile Lake

Viewing bears and spawning salmon. A walk along the bank and excursion (about 30 minutes) in the boats over the lake. Returning to the Camp 2. Overnight staying – tents. B/L/D

Day 5: Kurile Lake – Paratunka

Viewing bears and spawning salmon, then helicopter transfer to Paratunka. On the way, excursion* in the caldera of the Ksudach volcano and bathing in the Khodutkinskie hot springs. Accommodation at the hotel of Paratunka. Overnight staying – hotel. B/L/-

*Landing on the Ksudach volcano and Khodutkinskie hot springs is made only in case of good weather conditions

1 900 EUR – for one person for group of 10 people

The tour includes the following expenses:

  • accommodation in hotels und huts
  • automobile movement along the entire route
  • helicopter transfer from the Kurile Lake to Paratunka
  • all dues of the South-Kamchatka National Reserve
  • meal: Breakfast (B) / Lunch (L) / Dinner (D)
  • group support services on the route (english-speaking guide, guide assistant and cook)
  • providing of all camping gear (tents, kitchen equipment, etc)
  • visa support

Please note that delivery from the Kuril lake is performed by a helicopter and directly depends upon weather conditions. Flight may be delayed for several hours or even several days. That’s why we inform you that route’s schedule may be modified because of the weather. In this case the guide makes modification in the Itinerary.

As the tour’s participants are going to walk through the especially reserved territory, they must follow the behavior rules on the reserved territory and safety instructions which will be given to them by the preserve’s keepers and a guide.

Day Itinerary
Typ of
1 AirportApachinskie hot springs (180 m) by vehicle 140 2÷3 210 40
2 Apachinskie springsPauzhetka (100 m) - Camp 1 by vehicle 246 6÷8 110 200
3 PauzhetkaOzernaya river by vehicle 18 0,5 - -
Ozernaya riverKurile lake (100 m) - Camp 2 on foot 12 3÷4 20 20
4 Excursion on the Kurile lake - - - - -
5 Kuril lakeParatunka helicopter 190 1 - -
Total on foot 12 - 20 20
by vehicle 394 - 320 240
Level of difficulty
Hotels – 2 nights
Huts – 0 nights
Tents – 3 nights
Number of participants
more 9 persons
By vehicle
By vehicle
Ascent to volcanoes
Volcanoes ascension