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The tourist company “Volcanoes Land” was founded in 2008. The founders of the company are two friends who during their travelling along the Kronotsky reserve and having a halt decided that everyone should have an opportunity to see the beauty of Kamchatka. People must know about Kamchatka. And our aim is to help people do this. At the same time we also have got the chance to change our own lives and grow more self-reliant. And since that time no one of us is sorry about this decision. We enjoy organizing the tours along Kamchatka.

Of course, the first two tourists in the beginning of our work couldn’t compensate all expenses. But they helped us to understand that we were in the right way. The next year the staff enlarged, and we got new Salewa tents, other necessary equipment and a maintenance crew-vehicle ZIL-131 of 1976. Despite its age the car showed its best. And it still delivers tourists to the most impassable places of the peninsula, proving the strength and the quality of the old metal. 


But the main transportations from one place to another are maintained by two modern and comfortable KAMAZes with the total capaciousness of 50 people, Ford bus and sometimes snowmobiles.

As for people working in the company they are quite enough to satisfy the wants of all our tourists year-round. We are pride of our people, they make the tours pleasant, comfortable and safe as far as possible. I think there’s no sense to enumerate all tours that we have organized and can organize. There’s a lot of them and they all are different. If you cannot find the desirable tour at this site, we can organize it for you taking into account all your desires. It can be individual tour or group tour. I’m sure we are able to do this.

I would also recommend you to familiarize yourself with the section “Important information” before deciding on the tour – in this section you can learn some features of rest in Kamchatka. 

Yours faithfully, “Volcanoes Land” travel company Director 

Eduard Frolov