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coordinates: N53.03791º, E158.656311º

Hotel room capacity: single and double rooms
Total amount of rooms: 94
Thermal pool: no
Meals: not included
Room Facilities: Bathroom, Toilet, TVset, cable TV, telephone, wi-fi, fridge


Cafe, sauna, massage room, souvenir shop.


Room category Price (rub)
Single 5300
Standart single room of superior comfort 4800
Double room of superior comfort 5300
Double room 5400
Double room «Twin» 6400
Double room of superior comfort 7000
Suite studio 12000
Double suite 15600
Singl Suite 315 18000
President suite 215 22000
Apartament, flat 22000
Suite 30000


Please refer to the Accommodation section at the «Important information» page!