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2900 EUR 6 days
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The only opportunity to witness unusual variety of the animal world in this part of the Pacific Ocean is to travel by expeditionary boat "Athena", designed for voyages in the northern latitude. Many representatives of the local fauna are the rarest animals and it is a good luck to see them. In this tour you can witness the wildlife, take photos you won’t take anywhere else. Many species and subspecies are endemics i.e. they can be found only in this area.

The Commander Islands is one of the most outlying and one of the hardest places on the Earth to reach. There is only one settlement – Nikolskoye village; the rest of the islands is uninhabited. That is why we still can see untouched wildlife of this severe area. If you visit this place one time, you will never forget the magnificent beauty of the Commander Islands. In the midst of the boundless ocean, among the cliffs and blusterous swash you can feel not like a big city habitant, but like an explorer. And it is really so, because many species of birds, animals and plants have been recently discovered and are still scantly explored. Thus every single expedition to the Commander Islands has its own outcome and can be very important for science. The nature on the Commander Islands is the same as it was ages ago so there are still a lot of discoveries and adventures for you to enjoy in this tour.

Day 1

Transfer to the expeditionary boat "Athena". Accommodation in double cabins. Departure. Dinner and passage through the Avacha Bay. Meet the crew and other participants of the voyage. Briefing in the saloon. Passage to the ocean. Night passage along the eastern coast of Kamchatka to the Olga Bay.

Day 2

Anchorage in the Olga Bay in the area of the Kronotsky Reserve. After breakfast launch of the motor boats. Excursion through the bay, observation the rare mammals. At this time the grey whales, which migrate from Mexico to Japanese coast, stop in the Bay to subsist. It is also the habitat of the sea otters. Meet in the saloon in the evening. Night passage to Bering Island (The Commander Islands).

Grey Whale – one of the most ancient mammals (the species is about 30 million years old). They inhabit only the northern area of the Pacific Ocean. They are 15 meters long, their weight is 35 tones. Their annual migration of 16000 – 22000 km is believed to be the longest one of any mammal. The longest registered lifetime of this species is 77 years. It used to be one of the main trade whale species because of its accessibility, thus grey whales were near extinction. Nowadays only local nations from Chukotka, Alaska are allowed whaling for their needs.

Sea otter – vermint marine mammal. Sea otters have adjusted to life in sea and is one of few “not-ape” animals using tools. It inhabits only Kamchatka, Japan, the USA and Canada. Because of its valuable fur sea otter was haunted in the XVIII – XIX centuries which caused its low population nowadays. Now the hunt is prohibited all over the world. The ration depends on inhabit but always contains sea urchins, various mollusks and crustaceans and some species of fish. Its foraging and eating habits are noteworthy in several respects. It uses rocks to dislodge prey and to open shells. Sea otter puts the rock on its belly and hit the mollusk against it until it opens. Sea otter can use the rock several times; usually the animal keeps it in the folds of its fur.

You will get more information from the experienced tour guides during the voyage. Interesting lectures are going to take place every day in the saloon; you will also watch documentary from which you will learn interesting facts about the area where the tour takes place.

Day 3.

Arrival in the only settlement on the entire archipelago – Nikolskoye village. Landing. Excursion through the settlement guided by the Kronotsky Nature Reserve inspector. Visit of the Aleutian museum of local core. From the museum guide you will learn how this land was settled, about the folks that have lived there for hundreds years and their traditions and lifestyles. Return to expeditionary boat and passage to Tufted Puffin Island and Kamen Ariy which are famous for their rookeries. It is also possible to observe seal rookeries. Unfortunately it is impossible to land on these islands because of the reefs surrounding the rocks. Passage to the north-western sea and sea lion rookeries on Bering Island. Landing and excursion around the rookery. Observation of the animals. Return to the expeditionary boat. Passage to the Commander Bay.

Visit of the Second Kamchatka Expedition’s necropolis. The expedition was under the command of Vitus Bering who was the most famous Kamchatka explorer. It is the place where the crew had to stay in the winter 1741-1742. Half of the “Saint Peter” packet-boat crew starved to death. Passage to the uninhabited Medny Island, which is considered to be the most beautiful island in the northern part of the Pacific because of its magnificent rocks, waterfalls, bays, inlets and rivers. Visit of the old Aleutian settlement and cemetery. A walk along the trails dug up by the first settlers of the island.

Day 4

Obsreving of sea otters, seals and sea lions. Possible meeting with orcas and whales. Landing on the Southeast Cape of the Medny Island where the biggest seal rookery is situated. Visit of the scientific department where the scientists observe the mammals. Visit of the old settlement of the fur clickers. Walking passage to the rookery. Here you will figure out how reach and unique the local fauna is – sea otters, sea lions, seals, polar foxes as well as a great number of bird species. The Islands have become home for great variety of rare animals and birds, including endemics and vanishing species.

Day 5

Passage from the Medny Island to Kronotsky gulf. Excursion on the motor boats around Kozlova rocks, where the one of the largest rookeries of sea lions of Estern Coast of Kamchatka peninsula is located. Then - passage to the Cape Kamenistiy. Excursion along the coast on the motor boats. There is a big chance to meet bears fishing in the rivers which flowing down from the nearby montains in the form of beautiful waterfalls.

Day 6

Passage to Morzhovaya bay. Walking on the beach along the sea lions and seals. Passage to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky harbor. On your way back you can compare your notes, make a catalog with photos of the animals and birds you have seen during the tour. You will be shown interesting films about Kamchatka wildlife. Farewell to the crew. Transportation and accommodation in a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.In case you have free time and will extra tours can be organized: jeep tours to the volcanoes, helicopter excursions, rafting, river fishing etc.

2 900 EUR – 1 person; double cabin; economy class

The tour price includes the following expenses:

  • Accommodation on the boat according to the chosen cabin category;
  • Three meals a day on the expeditionary boat;
  • All the permissions and coordination to visit the natural reserve parks and check points;
  • Excursions on the board and during the landing;
  • Lectures, presentations and consulting from the guide;
  • Insurance;
  • Visa support.

The price does not include:

  • Tickets to and from Kamchatka;
  • Extra excursions not listed in the tour program;
  • Extra expense unforeseen by the tour program;
  • Tips for the crew;
  • Lunch and dinner when staying in the hotel.

This informative and entertaining voyage takes place in the area far away from civilization on the specially equipped boat " Athena "


This tour is designed specially for searching and observing various mammals and birds which inhabit the Far East waters. During the passages and anchorage experienced biologists will tell you about different whale species. You always can see orcas, sperm whales, grey whales, humpback whales and other cetacea. On the shores you will visit the seal rookeries, see sea otters, have the opportunity to see bird rookeries and enjoy the precious nature of the Commander Islands.

Those who prefer fishing to other activities will have an opportunity to fish. Professional and experienced crew will help you. Your comfort and safety are priority for all of us.

Since the tour takes place in the natural reserve parks, the participants must follow the rules and safety instructions which you will learn from the guide and Kronotsky Nature Reserve inspector.

We ask you to read Important information. There you will find information how to travel through Kamchatka, tour classification according to difficulty and the list of required equipment.

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